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Saving businesses money by providing highly efficient energy solutions using commercial LED lighting and Infrared Heating Panels

We are Whytelight Solutions LTD – Specialists in LED lighting and Efficient Energy Solutions

The idea of Whytelight Solutions came in to existence in 2011 initially to supply LED and now with a natural extension of the introduction of Infrared Heating technology. Everything we do should be affordable to all, and that LEDs and Infrared Heating are an investment, not an expense. We have only ever offered quality branded products, we have a 28 day lead time, ordering the product direct for each project keeping our prices keen and low enabling ROI’s of as low as 3 months for LED light and as low as 14 months for Infrared Heating. The installation of LEDs and/or Infrared heating panels starts to pay the business back in energy and maintenance cost savings immediately. They do this whilst improving the quality of life for all and providing benefits to the environment.

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