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Bespoke Infrared Heating Panels – Your style in your environment.

  • Looking for something that is not just a heater but more of a personal statement?
  • You can have a heater that not only looks good, but boosts your environment credentials.
  • Why choose between style and substance when you can have both?
  • Our range of Infrared panels come in an array of sizes and styles.
  • Looking for a certain design? Or just to refresh the look of your office space?
  • Our range of Infrared panels can be customised to your design and specification! We have the facility to print your images on to our panels.
  • We love solving problems and we love giving you what you want and need. We will create bespoke solutions for you.
  • Just complete the form and we can arrange for a free consultation or survey depending on your issues.

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